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TheraTeds (SMW) CIC

TheraTeds (SMW) CIC was registered as a social enterprise on 31st December 2021 with three directors who have equal control.

  • Charlotte Webb who lives near Troon,
  • Hazel Wainwright of Frogpool, Truro, and
  • Victoria Edwards from Beacon.
Taken at the launch party for Bear in Mine’d, this is Hazel, Charlotte holding Connie bear, and Victoria.

These three women have and are still experiencing many of life’s problems, including grief, autism, disability, PND, PTSD, unemployment, and housing issues. They wanted a place that could be used by the local community as a place to escape, when pressures of life get overwhelming.

Using the teddy bears as actors to play out different calming scenes, which are hopefully associated with happy memories, they set up the ‘Bear In Mine’d museum.

Charlotte and Victoria will also soon offer a ‘safe space’ shed where individuals can use art, music and teddy bears for therapeutic sessions. These hour-long sessions could also be much-needed place of quiet or a chance to talk to someone who listens.

The whole museum can also be booked to host a group’s art, craft and music sessions.

The supporting shop has a community notice board (supporting local small businesses, services and community events), and a settee with books available to read. The shop also sells crafts made locally and the Bear in Mine’d team is looking for more people to use the space.

After costs are paid, any profits will go back into improving the interaction in the museum, and also supporting those who can’t afford the fees for either entrance, or teddy bear therapy. It is hoped that one day, with funding support, the museum entry and hourly sessions will be available for everyone, free of charge, and also as a social prescription,  but that may be some time off!

In the meantime TheraTeds (SMW) CIC will make sure that the Bear In Mine’d museum is affordable and accessible to everyone (as far as we can manage that), and welcoming to all. 

Connie bear, might be famous. We can’t verify her story, but she might have been in a book!

Crowdfunder for TheraTeds

TheraTeds has launched a crowdfunder campaign to help raise money for a ‘safe space’ in which to hold private therapy sessions, involving art, music, and of course our teddy bears.

We need a shed, but as we are in an historic building, we can’t just build anything we want.  We also need something that would fit in the homely, nature-inspired atmosphere that we have here. A garden shed from a D.I.Y. store just wouldn’t do!  We also need something that is soundproof, comfortable and sturdy.  

We have found a lovely local carpenter, Dan Philips, who is going to use recycled wood for the outside cladding over a sturdy new wood frame. He has promised to be creative with his materials, skills and quote, as it is for a non-profit company, however the price of materials is higher now than ever before which has affected the amount he will charge.  

If you would like to contribute, you can visit the Crowdfunder website to find out more.

Rewards are:

For donations of £5 or more,

  • a ‘thank you’ t-shirt for your own teddy OR
  • A voucher to visit the museum

For donations of £10 or more,

  • your name, or the name of loved one, written on the TheraTeds shed with a pyrography (wood burning) pen. A photograph of the engraving will be digitally sent to you.
  • A 1 hour therapeutic teddy session (voucher valid for 1 year)

For donations of £25 of more,

  • An exclusive video tour of the museum with information about individual teddy bears sent to you via social media or email.